Build Worlds with trainable AI Agents linked to NFTs


Deploy smart A.I. Agents in your app. Empower your players with an economic incentives to train, trade, and own them.


ASTO Token Economy

Our ecosystem has a native token, the $ASTO. This token is used to govern the Altered State Protocol DAO and ecosystem and to drive the economy. Holders of $ASTO can use them to mine (or buy) Agents made up of NFTs.

Chainlink Integration

Chainlink RNG and VRF are made available to ensure fair in-game mechanics, and in minting mechanics for creating rare attributes in NFTs.

Decentralised Messaging

ASM integrates the SYLO protocol for fully decentralised messaging.

IPFS Connectors

IPFS stores the memories and artwork associated with Form NFTs, and the ML data that comprise
Memories. The network ensures each Agent has ownership by making the connection between IPFS and NFTs.

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