The Altered State Machine decentralised economy is based on the $ASTO Token


$ASTO is the fuel for activity within the Altered State Machine ecosystem


DAO Governance

The primary purpose of ASTO is to decentralize the ownership of ASM. This will be done via ElderDAO, Altered State Machine’s token governance mechanism. The token-holding community will create and guide the future of ASM.

Agent Creation

In ASM applications, ASTO can be used to mint or mine the NFTs that make up Agents. In other Worlds, many different fiat, native and cryptocurrencies can be used to create them.

Agent Training

ASTO can be used to improve your Agent by training it’s ML model at a virtual “Gym”. An econony of Gym owners will provide GPU cloud compute, and earn ASTO in return.

Ecosystem Development

ASM is a platform layer enabling any application to embed A.I. Agents. The Ecosystem Development Fund will support applications, games and worlds that create great experiences using ASM Agents. The EDF is governed by the DAO.

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